Die größte Genealogie-Veranstaltung der Welt, die RootsTech von FamilySearch, hat am 28. August 2018 in einem Facebook-Live bekannt gegeben in 2019 zum ersten mal neben Salt Lake City, USA zusätzlich in London, England zu Gast zu sein.

Die Veranstaltung ist vom 24. – 26. Oktober 2019 im ExCeL London Convention Centre, London geplant. Weitere Informationen gibt es auf der RootsTech London Website: https://www.rootstech.org/london

Ich freue mich sehr, dass die RootsTech einen Schritt nach Europa macht und somit Genealogen in Deutschland eine tolle Option bietet einmal bei einem Event diese Größenordnung dabei zu sein. Ab Ende Oktober wird es den sogenannten Call for Presentations geben und einige Monate später die ersten Informationen, welches Rahmenprogramm Besucher erwarten können.

Offizielle Pressemitteilung

RootsTech has announced that the highly popular family history conference is expanding its international borders, beginning with the United Kingdom in 2019. RootsTech will host RootsTech London 2019 from 24–26 October, 2019 at the ExCeL London Convention Centre. For more info go to RootsTech.org/london.

“We are incredibly excited to take the learnings and excitement of RootsTech to London, and to our friends in the United Kingdom and beyond,” said Steve Rockwood, FamilySearch International CEO. “Interest in discovering one’s family is growing throughout the world, particularly throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and this event will provide many people who are unable to attend the conference in Salt Lake City with the same excitement, resources, learnings, and motivation to discover more about their families and themselves.”

The RootsTech London 2019 convention will follow a similar model to the one that has proved successful in Salt Lake City, Utah for over 9 years. RootsTech London will offer more than 150 informative lectures taught by industry experts, an exciting exhibit hall where vendors from around the world will display family history technology and services, entertainment, and inspirational keynote sessions.

“This event model has proven to be a great way for people to engage in family history, regardless of age or genealogical skill level. Everyone is welcome at RootsTech,” said Jen Allen, event director. “We are excited to further position RootsTech as a global community for anyone to discover their family and deepen their sense of belonging that we all yearn for.”

The RootsTech London 2019 convention will not replace the annual conference in Salt Lake City but will serve as an additional RootsTech event. All sessions of the RootsTech London conference will be conducted in English. Registration for RootsTech London will open in February 2019. To learn more, visit RootsTech.org/london.

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